Sophisticated Every Day Ceramic Cups

Welcome to “A Cuppa” – your go-to destination for beautiful ceramic cups. We specialize in offering an array of stunning ceramic cups so that you might find something for almost any occasion. Whether you’re searching for a small gift, a token of appreciation or a timeless addition to your home. We’ve got you covered.

We hope you will find ceramic cups that will last you for many years to come.

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La Vie en Rose

White ceramic mugs with classic roses motifs. Beautiful gifts. Microwave safe,

A beautiful classic rose mug for your friend. A sweet affordable wedding gift, or why not – surprise your wedding guests with ceramic mugs adorned with delicate roses that they get to keep to commemorate the day.


White ceramic mugs with classic Victorian hunting motifs. Beautiful gifts. Microwave safe.

Yes well if your one of the lucky ones that owns a mansion,an estate, a stable or a hunting cabin, this might be it.

To Ski or Not to Be

Ceramic mugs with skiers motifs. Beautiful gifts. Microwave safe.

Being a skier or snowboarder you would know what this is all about. Your skiing friends will love these mugs.


Geo Chic Collection - Ceramic Cups with geometrical patterns.

A stylish addition to an advanced education , if the receiver is an architect, a dentist or a lawyer. This will work.

Flower Symmetry

A splash of extra energy with very lively flowery cups.